“Jesus And Judas Story Was Staged. Jesus Only Wanted Popularity” – Isong Idaresit


A Nigerian lady identified as Isong Idaresit on facebook has taken to the platform to shake the tables of religious people especially, as she says the biblical Jesus and Judas story was staged.

According to her, Jesus wanted popularity so he sent Judas to act the script by selling him off.

Am I the only one who feels that Jesus and Judas story was staged. That thing na story.

I don’t believe Judas sold Jesus, his own master…. Imean Jesus d son of God.

Who does that… It was Jesus that sent Judas to act that script. I think Mary wrote d script.

It was all scripted to make us believe Judas was evil. Till I get evidence from someone that was there life… Tah, that thing nah acting.

Jesus wanted to gain popularity therefore he used Judas to shine.

All this Christians sef, will be blocking our ears with all this their religion talk.

I don’t even believe he rose after three days, talk more of walk on water… Na lie

NB: If you don’t understand this post, then come here and say rubbish I will injure you, She wrote

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