Your Husband Owns You & Everything You Have – Man Sparks Online Controversy


Sonu McGhee, has taken to the social networking platform to call out women who are fond of buying properties or showering themselves with expensive gifts without taking permission from their husbands.


The young man disclosed that any woman who does this is stupid and irresponsible, adding that a husband owns his wife and everything she has.


He wrote:

“Only an irresponsible and stupid wife will buy a property without first asking her husband. Your husband owns you and everything you have. Even before you help a family member, he must be aware.

If he says he doesn’t want your job, you quit.

“If he’s angry from work, you pet him. If he doesn’t like make up, you leave your face like that. A reasonable wife must humble herself and keep to the laws of her husband. God made men to have the final say in every matter. Only a wayward lady will oppose this harmless advice.”


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